Gov’t Finally Admits, “UFOs? Yeah, We Looked Into That Once.”

Here are the 5ive Points to take away from the recent Project Blue Book disclosures:


Project Blue Book was busy. They weren’t investigating the claim’s of the village idiot or a small child. Project Blue Book opened in the wake of the historic Kenneth Arnold sightings and then the Roswell incident, both in 1947. So they had their origins in some heavy duty operations.

Image via BBC News

In a 20 year span, Project Blue Book investigated 12,618 UFO sightings.


The Mission: Cold War. The Project served another purpose, that of comforting the people in their time of mutually assured destruction. The unexplained sightings of mysterious (and technologically superior) objects in the night sky only fueled the fear of communist victory. The government needed to send the message that it would get to the bottom of the unidentified lights.


Most of the Project’s cases had perfectly legitimate explanations. Yup. Sorry.


But others aren’t so easily explained.



The Air Force wasn’t alone in their investigation. Project Blue Book was an Air Force operation, but other federal agencies, namely the CIA and DIA, also seriously investigated many UFO claims.

Image via MovieCarpet

So, Until That Day… Keep Hunting.

Image via EducatingHumanity

h/t to BBC News

Featured image via UFO Case Book

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